Since the early 1990’s one would need only to walk down the streets of Belltown in Seattle to witness the fashion that would inspire designers for years in Paris, Tokyo, Milan and New York. Nowhere was the quirky sense of “thrown together” better displayed in everyday people mixing vintage and new in a way that defied all rules. No rules. Seattle gave it to us in its music and culture. Not surprisingly this is the place that has been the home for years of Vinyl creator, Little Toast, and now has served as inspiration in creating that same aura of street fashion within Second Life.

This sensibility and the ability to remove the status quo is perfectly seen in one of Vinyl’s favorite pieces she designed, a party dress called “Sia.” Channeling the happy memory of her now 11-year old daughter wearing her favorite tutu and rain boots, splashing in the puddles of Seattle, Little Toast modeled this piece to be equally suitable as a more formal evening look or down styled for the street with grungy boots and a leather jacket or, as Little Toast likes to do herself in SL, pair it with one of her favorite graphic tees.

But the road to her success in Second Life, as has been for so many creators here, was not an easy one. Years of frustration in learning the craft amidst long days and late-night tears gave way to a place where, though still fraught with little frustrations, is a full-time job in which she says, “I could not imagine if someone told me I had to do anything else in my life,”

Little Toast is quick though to share one of the reasons for her success, the brand and person that is Blueberry. Though Vinyl is a style completely her own it was Blueberry that encouraged and guided her through the steps of moving from accessories to ready-to-wear. She says of her today, “She is the sweetest most generous and caring person I have ever known.”

Now some years later, one needs only to set foot in her store at any hour of the day to see the throngs of women who shop for pieces that allow for timeless mix and match options. Vinyl is a brand whose success is built upon encouraging each avatar to develop their own sense of style and reminding us that “real” fashion is not about dictating personality - but allowing you to express that which is completely yours.