One feels warmth in everything Hanstrid Inshan does for her brand, Serentity Style. The warm sun of Spain, the weathered woods of the Mediterranean, the simplicity of life that provides the joy of food, family, laughter and time well spent.

Within this home-spun feel is the most beautiful part of Serenity Style in that “Hans” is truly the definition of a self-trained artist. She will be the first to tell the story of her first prim box and the excitement that led her to go deeper and explore. Feeling this connection and an ability to create with unbridled passion she gradually developed her work. Much like a chef would with no formal training, but one that can take the lessons of generations to make a dish completely their own, she just did it. She created. Like water for chocolate.

What of course also makes Hans special is that she will be both humble and loving to everyone who talks to her. The words often said, “I like to make dreams come true” is what her friends and customers will hear. One can never imagine her to be anything but genuine. Both within her work and in her personality.

How does this show? Well, one might see it best when asking her what the most favorite piece is she ever made. “It’s a soda bottle.” Yes, a soda bottle. As she says, “Not only did I achieve a really good glass texture but it was an item I have always adored in real life.” That is the essential within the joy of craftsmanship. That is feeling an affinity to the thing one would least expect.

Through Hans’ objects we can almost feel ourselves in the kitchen with her; laughing, creating from the heart, sharing the stories that make a moment come to life. But of course, our advantage here in that we can live the taste of her creations far longer and never leave that kitchen and the taste she shares with us.