An Architect. From a country born of a myriad of influences. One that is steeped in a landscape of diversity, glorious colors, and organized chaos. Blend them all together and Nodnol Jameson, along with her brand KraftWork, comes to life in our virtual world.

There is something about Brazil. Most will agree that despite so many issues that may plague the country (most of which are not necessarily deserved) there is still an inherent happiness in the people that guides the spirit of their creative. The music, the art, the design. It’s the essence of and personality and that which has a profound impact on so many cultures. Who doesn’t love Samba, or Tropicalia, or Neimeyer.

Perhaps it is because the country is a mosaic of people and ethnicity that we witness this wonderful juxtaposition of minimal/chaos. Perhaps as well the richness of the land itself proves a constant stimuli to want more than to be a spectator. Look just once from the water upon Sugarloaf in Rio and you will instantly want to sing, dance, or draw.

Nod, as she likes to be called, created the brand KraftWork as a chance for her to engage ideas for design and pay respect to both her training and fantasies. Here, she says, “I can avoid the trappings of my real life architecture and make things that I want and love in spite of whether it is commercially acceptable or being dictated by numbers.” Nod, like so many, embraces Second Life as a place to experiment and challenge. She adds, “Here I can be a bit silly when I choose in my work.”

What is always fun about KraftWork is that it never really defines a solid “style.” Much like Brazil it is constant stimuli of, well, everything. KraftWork is a fancy of the moment. Her mind’s eye becomes an instant enthusiasm to a certain vision. In just a few months we have seen that her limits seem endless in what she brings to the Grid, leaving fans of KraftWork to wonder, “What next?”

Her favorite piece? Nod will tell you it’s the recent Tropicalia Bar made for the SaNaRae event. Explaining the sentiment of why this resonates emotionally for her Nod says, “This is an actual favorite bar of mine in real life and it represents the essence of the Brazilian Tropicalia movement which truly tugs at my heart from a cultural standpoint.”

Nod’s energy is boundless. Creating, Sim building (She was a co-creator of the two sims, West of The Rain and The Last Forever), sharing her music with club DJ appearances, and even assisting with beloved events like Indie Teepee with her custom installations. While her eye is always wandering, her heart is never ceasing in the belief that Second Life is at its core an artistic paradise.

PocketGacha is proud to have this emerging creator who will easily move between minimal, whimsical, fancy, or fun. Each round she participates in should be a joyous surprise for all as she brings us a bit of the spirit that surrounds her.