The brand BigBully and owner, Kai Mannequin, represent many of the philosophies we embrace at PocketGacha; emerging, fresh, unique and possessing a specific style that challenges people to go outside the box.

In real life, Kai is an architect in Singapore whose life has been spent surrounded by contemporary urban design that has shaped his thinking. The sheer density of his city has immersed him in seeing the practicality of minimalism, a style he loves, and how it can serve in being a perfect balance of style and function.

Kai came to Second Life and saw a need to create items apart from the trend of “shabby chic” and to challenge residents to consider a different approach. With his background in 3D-Modeling he adapted his skills quickly to fit SL and made an immediate impact on those that were craving something “different” by incorporating his love of Japanese and Scandinavian design into a line that pares back to the basic function while being pleasing to the eye.

What is the piece that Kai is the most proud of? Quite accidentally he was required to make a themed item that was “Victorian” for an event. Not being at all close to his genre and spending hours trying to decide how to blend this to his style he came up with the concept for a Victorian wireframe chair that modernized a classic frame. As Kai says “pushing myself out of a comfort zone actually worked well.”

Perhaps that same idea will help avatars to appreciate the place that minimalism and functional art play in our work in design and that the brand BigBully will be recognized in time for giving us a different perspective in seeing that indeed, sometimes, less is more.