It was serendipity. Karthikeyan Engineer, or “Panda” as he likes to be called, from the brand Mesh India, came to us as a suggestion and mostly by accident. We were told enthusiastically about a designer that was producing culturally rich creations that evoked so well the mosaic of India. We were told as well of the underground cult following he was developing in representing what is easily one of the most complex and fascinating cultures of the world. How could we resist?

One of of the joys of Second Life is how we mingle so freely within cultures and ideas. Even language at times is removed from necessity here in our ability to gesture and thus create connections. So to see a creator from India that celebrates his own history through design is, well, topping on the cake. We all learn. Many may never spend time in the hills of Darjeeling or the streets of Mumbai but we at least have an opportunity to feel closer to the rich pageantry of life that creators bring from their homeland. Mesh India enriches us all in Second Life.

Panda, an engineer in real life, came to Second Life with a fascination for 3D design. Self taught in the ways of creating within and for the grid, as so many are, he quickly became infatuated with the limitless arena this world presented. As he learned to model and create he felt a sense of pride in his ability to show the subtleties of his land and the unique cultural offerings. A wedding garland, food, spiritual artifacts, pots and flowers. What was his everyday view to life became an opportunity for him to share with those who crave better understanding and a physical, albeit virtual, connection.

Mesh India started with a love of sharing just that, India, but Panda’s growing respect and appreciation of other creations within the home and garden genre and, of course, given his own curious eye, he began expanding his work to also include twists of style that allow for his pieces to intersect with more Western approaches to design. Panda says it best, “I am proud of every product I make and how it relates to my story, whether my life or country or the people who inspire me. Even the books I read, really everything I see and read and feel becomes my idea and what I make.”